The End

The seal between worlds had torn. The End is connected now directly through a portal in the Wailing Sands, seeping into the essence of the World and corrupting it with all of the strange and foul energies that had been imprisoned there. Black tentacles rise and twisted out of the landscape. Meteors rain down in unprecedented numbers. A foul, thick fungus spreads over the sand, grass, and rubble of the world.

The End is nigh.

But there is hope. Axan has been saved, and working with the defenders to ensure that the Hollows themselves are safe. Nations have been constructing safehouses within these caves to withstand the end of the world as they know it. Soon, Axan reminds them incessantly. The end comes soon.

We’ll be judging the shelters in the Hollows on Friday! It is strongly suggested that you build something both interesting and functional, as the prizes we give to the winner will carry over into Season 3!

The following Saturday at noon PST, we will have one final event. It would be lovely to see the rest of you attend as we close out this season in a spectacular way. After the event, the season will close (perhaps with a bit of exposition from Sheez) and the server will go down. But don’t despair! We’ll be keeping you updated with news and events for the interim between seasons.

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2 Responses to The End

  1. olha2 says:

    Wil just like the Seasen 1 Seasen 2 map be for download now? or soon?

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